Thank YouHow do I post a testimonial?

I believe it is important to acknowledge when people make a difference.  It is a nuance to “stop and smell the roses”.  When you tell someone they have made a difference in your life, you add a ripple to the positive side of the butterfly effect where one small action can have an enormous impact.  If something you have experienced here has made a difference, let us know by filling out the form and it will get posted to the site.

Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference.

What should I say?

Simply talk about your experience.

Examples could include:

  1. Name and occupation
  2. Goal – What were the most important goals/problems to solve that you wanted help with?
  3. Challenge – What was holding you back from your goals?
  4. Frustrations – What was frustrating you about the problem/not reaching your goals?
  5. Perceptions – What were your perceptions about me/products/programs/services before we started?
  6. Changed perceptions – What has changed about your perceptions now that we have worked together?
  7. Results – What’s changed the most for you? What are some of the results?
  8. Other Benefits  – What other goals/challenges did you get help with but hadn’t planned on?
  9. How Different? – How am I as a coach/my program/products and my work different from others?
  10. Recommend – Would recommend my services/programs/products to a friend? If so, why?
  11. Is there anything else you would like to add?


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