About Clearing Energy Work

This site is dedicated to the people who are committed to their journey towards health & wellness.  Clearing Energy Work has three main components: (1) Clearing sessions, (2) Nutrition, and (3) Fitness.


Alexis is the founder of a type of energy work called a “Clearing” that promotes a relaxed body, calm emotions, clear thoughts, and spiritual growth.  Her work draws from years of study in disciplines such as Reiki, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Quantum Physics, Ortho Bionomy, Native American healing arts from her culture, and her own unique pain relief technique that as a small child she discovered was one of her gifts.


Realizing that overall health was not merely one-dimensional, Alexis developed a wellness program that incorporated nutrition and fitness as key components.  Her own personal journey led her to align her family with the Paleolithic (Paleo) diet for the nutrition aspect of the program.  It really became more of a lifestyle than a simple “diet”. The health benefits had such an impact to the overall wellness of her family that she decided to share what she had learned with her clients.


Alexis had broken her back at two different times in her life; once in high school and then again over a decade later.  It not only affected how her physical body was, it affected her perception of herself as someone that was limited.  There were times when she could not even walk because her legs stopped working altogether.  Over the years, what she was able to do physically diminished.  Little by little the box was getting smaller and smaller.

Then, a pivotal decision was made.  Her daughter had been taking karate and wanted to quit after a year of training.  Alexis joined the class as incentive for her daughter to continue her training.  Her daughter was more advanced which meant that when she taught the class, she could tell Alexis what to do.  “Drop and give me 20 [pushups]” was one of her favorite things to say.  After a period of time, Alexis realized that her body was becoming stronger and able to do more.  The box was expanding!  For the first time, she believed her body could be strong.

Alexis trained for another year in karate before she was introduced to Systema, a Russian martial art.  Systema used natural body movements.  The training was completely different than anything she had ever seen.  The movements were slow so as to retrain the nervous system.  She understood the nervous system from her healing work.  It was a natural fit.  Lessons learned in Systema had applications to all other areas of her life.  It was here that she found her home in fitness.

~~ Mitakuye Oyasin

   (Lakota, Sioux phrase meaning “We are all related”)

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