Effects of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted astonishing research on the effects of words and emotions on water.  Using high resolution photography, his research shows that there is a direct correlation between thoughts (intent) and the crystalline structure of water.  Hado (the vibration which is produced by our thoughts, words, and prayers) exhibit different patterns in the water structure. Dr. Emoto photographed water in its natural state, applied intent and then photographed the same water capturing the changes that had occurred in the structure of the water.

This is a scene from the film “What the Bleep Do We Know?” coupled with an interview of Dr. Emoto. (3:49)

Since the majority (90%) of our body is made up of water, the implication is that our own thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our overall health. According to Dr. Emoto, the quality of the water also has an effect on the ability of the water to produce crystals or not.  The more pure the water is (without contaminants) the more crystals it can produce.

"You make me sick"

“You make me sick”







"Thank You"

“Thank You”

Ask yourself:

  • How are my thoughts affecting the water inside my body?
  • How do those thoughts affect my overall health?
  • How are my thoughts affecting those around me?
  • What kind of effect does the water I put into my body have?
  • Is the water I drink pure enough for my overall goal of health?
  • Is my family drinking the quality of water that I want them to?

I know that when I was first exposed to Dr. Emoto’s research, it had a profound impact on me at a very deep level.  I would be very interested to know your thoughts on this.  Please leave comments below and share what you have experienced.

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