Back to Eden

This full-length documentary outlines a novel way to approach organic gardening.  No weeding.  No watering.  No kidding.  These amazing concepts can be implemented in a suburb just as easily as they can on a commercial farm. The film addresses critical issues such as soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, crop rotation, and Ph which all become nonexistent with this protocol for organic gardening.  Check it out…

Back to Eden (film)


Source: Back to Eden (official film)

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    • Thanks for reposting this. What is your favorite part?

      • This video is great I have learned alot about gardening I have always wanted to start a garden but I always thought it to much Involved but after watching this video I have leaned other wise.I am going to share this Info with a friend who is preparing to start their own garden.I can’t wait to see how well it grows. Thanks for the great Info oh and by the way my daughter and I have become much closer again Thanks to you’r great tips my home is a happier place. Have a great day!

      • I am so pleased! I want pictures of your garden when everything comes in. 🙂

        There is nothing on this planet more important than the relationship with our children. If I in any small way had a positive influence on that with you and your daughter… well it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing that with me.

        Keep me posted.

    • Oh I will, and no there isn’t anything more Important and yes you did have a very positive Influence Thank you as I am sure you do on many people.God Bless you and you’r family.

  2. Katie says:

    Very cool blog! Cheers for taking the time to publish this remarkable post!

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