What is a Clearing?

Clearing Energy Work

When life experiences create stress (physical, emotional, mental, chemical, or spiritual), if the body cannot process it in the moment, that stress gets stored in the body.  It is a survival mechanism created by the body so that the trauma to it can be addressed at the point in time when there are enough resources available to effectively process the trauma.  Each time a new stress occurs that cannot be processed in the moment, it gets stored.  Over time, there can be a significant buildup of events that become stuck in the body.  If those areas are not addressed, it creates a tension pattern in the body that over time can show up as physical ailments, emotional distress, mental illness, toxicity, and spiritual stagnation.

A Clearing is a type of healing energy work that clears the areas in the body where the energy is stuck.  It releases the energy blockage to restore proper flow for optimal health.  This creates the condition necessary for the body to be able to effectively process the previously stored trauma thereby allowing the body to heal itself.  The Clearing is a re-education of the nervous system where it can begin to learn how to operate in a state of relaxation and calm.  As a result, a Clearing promotes a relaxed body, calm emotions, clear thoughts, and spiritual growth.

About Clearing Energy Work

A Clearing is energy work that promotes a relaxed body, calm emotions, clear thoughts, and spiritual growth.

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