What happens during the initial Clearing session?

When you arrive, we will discuss your overall goal for your healing process. What do you want as a result of the Clearing sessions? Where do you want to be? What does your future look like when you get there? How do you feel in that version of your future?

Next, we will discuss your goal for the Clearing session. What specifically do you want to address during that particular session? Is there a current struggle in your life? Is there an event that you want to be able to move past? Or would you like an energy balancing “tune-up”? Do you simply want to operate at your optimum level?

Once the goals have been identified, you will be given an opportunity to use the restroom. If you brought your phone in, you can turn it off at that time. You will then be asked to take your shoes off and lie face-up on the massage table. You will remain fully clothed. It is best to close your eyes for the duration of the session. This helps you get to and remain in a relaxed state.

When you are ready, the Clearing session will begin. You have the option of verbalizing the changes you feel in your body as they occur or you can remain silent. The choice is up to you. Just choose what you are the most comfortable with. Sometimes people become so relaxed that they fall asleep. That occurs quite frequently and is perfectly fine.

Once the Clearing session is over, you will be informed that it has concluded. Take your time before getting up. If you need a few moments to orient (especially if you fell asleep), then take the time you need before getting up from the table. When you are ready, you will be asked to explain your experience of the session. We will discuss any thoughts or feelings that came up for you during the Clearing. You can clarify how you feel in that moment. What is different? What changes did you notice?

If you have any questions, that is the time to ask them. After addressing any questions you may have, we will develop a strategy for you to be able to achieve your overall goal. The strategy is unique to you and what you want to accomplish. It will become your roadmap to success.

It is exciting to facilitate your journey towards your overall goal. The initial Clearing session is the first step in achieving that ultimate goal. Welcome to the new, empowered you.

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