Paleo Journey

My paleo journey began on New Year’s Eve.  A dear friend, Bill Parravano, came over to visit and cooked me my very first paleo meal.  It was my introduction into a new world that would later transform my relationship with the food I feed my family.  The initial conversation centered on the health benefits.  I had suffered for years with sinus issues that were reaching critical mass.  I had such frequent infections that my family doctor was beginning to suggest expensive medical tests with the very real possibility of surgery.  When Bill told me paleo could help with that, I stood up and took notice.

I’m a logical person.  It made sense that if you cut out grains, legumes, and dairy from your diet there would be a positive effect on the body.  All I really heard Bill say though was that my sinuses would get better.  I am happy to report that I have not taken any sinus medication in 30-days.  I have not had to go to the doctor for the dreaded antibiotics in order to stave off the inevitable walking pneumonia that would always result from attempting to avoid taking antibiotics.  Most surprisingly is that I can b r e a t h e.  It made me wonder how many years I was simply not capable of breathing.  The good news is that all of that is behind me now.  I marvel at what new health benefit awaits me around the next bend.

It all begins with good water.  (See Natural Spring Water blog post).

The next step in my paleo journey involved becoming a little more educated and most importantly – recipes!

 Everyday Paleo

My first paleo book


This was such a great book to introduce paleo to us.  At Bill’s suggestion, I purchased the book and I am increasingly glad that I did.  I highly recommend Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso.  She outlines a step-by-step process on how to effectively transition your family over to paleo within 30-days.

Originally, my plan was to finish eating all of the food in the kitchen and just gradually replenish it with paleo items.  My justification was cost.  I didn’t want to just toss out 95% of the items in my kitchen.  The accountant in me cringed at the mere thought of it.  Well, that was the plan.

After about a week of cooking, eating, feeling better and better I just decided to go all in.  I didn’t want to delay the benefits of paleo.   We got boxes down from the attic and filled three of them up with dry goods that I donated to my eldest daughter, Erika, and her family.  (I decided to work on converting her a little later.  She needs to be eased into anything new).

Next, we emptied the refrigerator and freezer of anything non-paleo and donated it to a neighbor.  A little Rescue Remedy™ later (accountant, remember) and we ramped up the excitement level by picking out new recipes to try.  One trip to the local Trader Joe’s® [1] and my cupboards were beginning to look great.

Coconut flour, coconut oil, teas, spices, etc.

Coconut flour, coconut oil, teas, spices, etc.

One of the first recipes we tried that we just absolutely fell in love with was “Rockin’ Moroccan Chicken” from Everyday Paleo (page 47).  One word – Yummy!

 Rockin Moroccan Chicken

Rockin’ Moroccan Chicken

I have now made this recipe for both family and friends; everyone has raved about it.  Thanks, Sarah!

I am already feeling better thanks to Bill and his guidance.  My sinuses have become a non-issue.  I am saving hundreds of dollars a month (doctor visits, over the counter medication, and antibiotics) which keeps my inner accountant happy.  I have more energy and am finally sleeping at night.  My skin has improved and my youngest daughter, Cheyanna, says I look younger.  (That made me smile).  I’m really looking forward to whatever comes next. As we learn more about paleo and ourselves in the process, I’ll keep you posted.


[1] Trader Joe’s:

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